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What Are Surplus Parts?

We carry surplus parts, the original parts used by your car's manufacturer. When production is ended on a model year, there are parts leftover. Since the manufacturer's business is the design, production, assembly and sales of automobiles, extra parts move onto new homes with those in the business of selling car parts.

The parts we sell are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. These are the very parts used by the manufacturer to build your car. Because we purchase parts from production lines, they are not packaged for retail sale. Think of all the waste if the vehicle manufacturer had to unbox every single bracket, hose, sensor, switch for each car that rolls off the line!

The parts we sell come direct from the manufacturer in the same bulk production containers they use to ship from OE manufacturer to assembly facilities. We package each part safely and securely prior to shipping.

Some assume that with such reasonable prices, there must be something wrong with the parts. Our surplus parts are just that, surplus - extra - brand new - unused. Rest assured, if you are uncomfortable with our low prices, we will gladly charge you more. All you need to do is ask!